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Found 21st Nov 2017
so here's my predicament... I want the Sony xe9005. now Curry's has it for 1299 with 10% off and can get 100 back with tcb AND you get a sound bar thrown in (assuming you can put 2 codes in??) only thing is that I'm worried that if I cave in then I will see it on Friday on a ridiculous offer and I'll have missed out on it . Do we reckon it will drop at all? Also the sound bar deal runs out by midnight tonight...
Anybody care to share their 2 cents? thanks in advance.
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And that's half the fun of this 2 week long one day event.
Play your cards now, gamble for the next day or fold when you miss out or it's out of stock.
Or wait till the Xmas sales
I know. I think I'm just gonna do it then if it does go on offer I'll send one back . It's all fun and games, but I wanna see what my Scorpio can do, I'm tired of waiting
Does TCB t&cs state anything about using codes. Can't remember if it was Currys, but pretty sure it says you wont get cashback if using any codes.
If you can't get £100 through tcb I wouldn't consider this tv over the LG oled C or B
Seem like you have a good deal there all in the sets a cracker and not all these black Friday deals are that good or seem to be, usually on stuff you don't want.
It's really annoyed me to be honest, I've tried to order though tcb (which I had no problems with) but it won't let me pay online to collect in-store. It's only reserve and collect. And when I order for delivery the 10% code doesn't work... I'm going to screen shot all the pages that say about these offers and take it up with them in-store and hope they can honour it. But I'm in serious doubt . I can see me walking out of the store with the TV, no sound bar and paying full whack .
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