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Found 4th Mar 2011
It was recently suggested to me by one of my University lecturers that I could use an SD Card as extra RAM for my laptop ( Sony Vaio VPCEB2C5E )

I already have 4Gb of RAM so im not short on RAM but i guess any extra would be a bonus.

Obviously using an SD card as RAM wont be as quick as using actual RAM, but does anybody have any experience in using Rapidboost? Is it worth spending £15 on an SD card for 16Gb more RAM? or is it a bit pointless?
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You'd be better off tweaking windows 7, win7 reinstalls i;ve done i tend to disable aero/themes etc, i go through the user directory to remove extra files which slow down any win7 logon etc etc.

Nothing at all wrong with using windows classic-theme under personalisation, i even remove any backround picture's a shame only ddr3 ram is falling, or i'd be recommending more ram upgrades.

If you did get a new SD card you would need to be very fast having 4gb is good enough if you streamline win7 like i said.

start > msconfig
Have a look in there for things you don't need
check your user directory very carefully yfor file's you don't need etc etc
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My bad - :P didnt think to look to see if i had the name right lol - fixed now. Laptops not really slowing down or anything so dont need to disable anything, Im just wondering if anyone thinks its worth going for an extra 16Gb of i guess.. Fake RAM. i read earlier that using an SD card as RAM will reduce its lifespan down to 10 years.....not sure how true that is, but i think thats enough for me...I read it was Microsoft that said that, so that also makes me think it may be slightly off :P
Personally, a big no-no I reckon, I'm surprised a lecturer recommended it. As DCX says, flash isn't really designed for it, single-chip flash also tends to have large-block RW which is significantly worse than a conventional HDD too so its not unusual for it to be detrimental when compared to paging. And with 4GB - theres not too much you're likely to be doing that will be wanting more memory than you have, unless you are dealing with huge databases or huge media editing...

What is it you use your laptop for where you feel this would be an advantage? Saving up for a SSD might be a much better alternative as an upgrade...
I use it for Gaming, and obviously for my Uni Assignments...But also im going to be doing some Video editing, which i guess will be taxing the CPU not the RAM.
I'd avoid it then, check your memory usage but its not that likely you will be using all 4GB, even less likely you will notice an improvement in speed through readyboost. Whilst its true to a point that more memory doesn't hurt, this only really applies if you need it and it doesn't slow down what you already have, which it often does. If you want to see a significant boost in performance and speed, the only real way is an SSD, but that would cost quite a bit and you would probably sacrifice a lot of storage space.
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Yeah, i think i'd rather have my 500gb HDD than a 64Gb SSD, maybe when there cheaper i'll go for one lol
I think the comments above are pretty true but I would like to share my experience because when I was trying to make the decision you are I couldn't find enough info on the web (this was when Win7 was new).

I use readyboost on my Vaio (4Gb RAM, 500Gb HDD). I actually use a memory stick for it. It just lives in the Vaio's memory stick slot permanently. I find it works well. The most noticeable improvement comes when opening apps for the second time in a session - they open much faster. It also allows faster multitasking. I find it especially useful when using Photoshop and Lightroom - I can manipulate more photos faster. These apps do use a lot of RAM though, so maybe this is where readyboost really helps.

It is not a miracle solution, but it can provide a noticable improvement. Also, I suspect that Microsoft's advice is sensible in that you should get flash memory double that of your RAM. I started with an 8Gb memory stick and then upgraded to 16Gb and didn't notice an improvement.

If you have a USB flash drive of 8Gb (or even 4Gb) format it and try using that for readyboost first to see if it helps before you spend money.

In summary; Anything that taxes the RAM /could possibly/ be helped with readyboost, and the caching of applications is nice.

Moore's Law says that I will be able to afford the SSD that I want shortly before I die.
Once a device is being used for readyboost, and is not removed from the laptop, will it still be recognised as being used as ram upon start up? or will I need to set it as readyboost each time i start up?
It is remembered. It is supposed to be able to help speed up startup too, but I have not noticed this and anyway the machine is not bothered if the flash drive is removed while powered off.
Tempted to get the SD card - but just decided to google what the HG DUO is on my laptop....for some reason i thought sony wouldnt have made yet another overpriced memory card...i was wrong :P
I didn't even know about the HG version. Now I am going to have to go and do some research and try to convince myself I don't need it :-(
Sorry if ive made you spend money! :P - had this laptop about 6 months and not really looked at the memory slots lol
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