Real debrid premium - experiences?

Posted 24th Apr 2017Available: National
I'm looking at getting a real debrid premium account for kodi and I'd like to get some feedback from users. My main questions are:

Are the links more reliable?

Are they noticably higher quality?

Is the realdebrid payment system safe? I've seen reports of fraud on credit cards shortly after people purchasing on their website.

Thanks in advance
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I've used it for 6+ months never had an issue and no issues with the bank.

I don't really use it for Kodi but a friend does and said they mostly get much more reliable links and mostly much better quality.
Hi mate,
Using this at the moment. I had the same concerns in regards to fraud etc. What I did was I used the Revolut card. I added just enough money to get a months sub, so even if they want to nick anything there's nothing in the account.
As for the service you receive with real debrid the links are reliable and noticed I get a lot more 1080p content specifically on tv shows walking dead taboo and outcast just to name a few. Click on the link to see how to setup
Hope this helps a little.
Good luck
Yes and yes to the links question. My default account along with Trakt within Exodus

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yep well worth it and as anj2099 says use a revolut card than no worries
I use linksnappy which works very well to
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