Real G-star Jeans

    is there a good cheap place to get them?


    no where does them cheap, USC do some nice one and so do republic! but the cheapest is like £79

    Howells/John Lewis etc usually knock 50% off in their regular sales, only certain styles though, but at @50 for a pair you can't go wrong. They were cheap as hell in Germany when I was there at Christmas, all legit stock in big chain stores. Bit of a walk to get there tho!

    USC do student 20% discount I think if you're a stude or have a mate...

    get diesel, g-star suck for the money

    Did find some in TK-Maxx once for £45... wern't in my size though. Worth looking I guess

    tx maxx is amazin if they got what u want, i gone and got well sick stuff their for filthy cheap... most of the time its got ***** tho always worth a pop in if ur passin

    usc have a couple of pair on sale on their website at the mo, but the sizing is very limited
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