Real Madrid shirt

    My friend is after a XL Real madrid shirt for her partner - does anybody kn ow the best cheapest place to look?


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    They've got the XL, price seems reasonable too. Have you looked on ebay there are tons.

    I've bought loads of shirts from ]these guys & I've always been impressed with their fast service & great quality.

    Are those shirts real on that site?

    Cos if so MY GOD, they're bargains.

    Finally get my Ivory Coast shirt.

    Yeah they're real. Most shirts in Europe are subject to EU civil rights regulations, minimum wage laws etc. But the ones from Thailand are much cheaper as they're made by kids in sweatshops, so if you've got no conscience then bingo!

    The way I see it, they're going to be made anyway, so we might as well make sure they keep their job.

    Also [url][/url] - got an Argentina and Milan shirt so far and they are spot on.

    thanks for that viking sports website they look real and really cheap!

    Not overly happy about Viking Exports at the min.

    Not a word on where my parcel is etc.

    Anyone had the same issue lately?
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