Real, Seconds or Counterfeit Yankee Candle ?

Found 30th Jul 2016
Purchased a Large 22oz Fresh Cut Roses Yankee Candle Jar from Ebay. Whilst it smells authentic, the actual aesthetics of the candle looks like it's either a Second, fake, or the jars been left in the Sun. What is your opinion?
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Apologies for the quality of the close up photographs but they emphasize the mottling / discolouration effect of the wax that is making myself suspicious that the candle is either fake, a second or poorly stored. Whilst having purchased a number of Yankee Candles in the past, I haven't come across this problem. Thus asking other people's opinions.
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Is it not just where the oil is separating from the wax slightly? I have had it happen with Yankees which were bought from reputable sellers.
I think almost every single Yankee large jar I have bought has been like that. They have all been darker colours so it is probably harder to see.
I've always found that. Even when buying from physical shops.
I would be a bit dubious about buying them from Ebay anyway unless it was a high street seller etc selling them as there are fake ones around.
Thank you for the replies. Bought hundreds of smaller Jars and the long Votive Yankee candles mainly from reputable shops (i.e Boots) and online sellers who are specialist wholesalers for the premium candle brands but this is the first time I've came across this problem. If it was wasn't the severity of the discolouration and pitting, I'd probably wouldn't think twice about counterfeit product as I'm usually cautious and wary in general.

Anyhow thanks again it is appreciated.
They even fake candles? They'll fake anything these days.

They even fake candles? They'll fake anything these days.

I know,sad times
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