Real wood flooring

    im going to be moving house soon and i was wondering if anybody knew of any cheap places that i could get real wood flooring or ay deals that have been seen online.

    thanks in advance


    hi try this website also you can order samples

    try makro if you have or know someone with card and they have it in sale every couple of months some are in sale
    got mine 2 years ago and still looks good and was very easy to lay

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    thanx for your help guys
    dont know anyone with a makro card unfortunetly. and also ive checked the other site before but no luck, i still havent recieved samples and been 3 weeks

    My auntioe and uncle recently had there living room done with real wood flooring, paid a grand for it, from floors to go and its absolutely stunning!!!!! At the end of the day you get what you pay for, and if you end up finding it cheap, then its not gonna be very good quality if u ask me! xx

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    im not looking for cheap im looking for any that are on offer but thanks i will take a look at floors to go.

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    Have you considered bamboo flooring - very hard-wearing and high;y recommended.

    Available in various "wood" shades - it is a grass rather than a wood !!

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    i would prefer wood
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