real wood flooring.

    where can i get the cheapest? can anyone give me any ideas? thank u


    Much more info is needed before anyone can help you :?

    Where do you live?

    What type of wood?

    How much do you need?

    Do you need it fitted for you?

    ect., ect,

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    i need it fitted , live in north london, about 40sq metres i dont realy mind as to wood colour etc.

    Even then are you talking Hardwood or soft then there is the real wood assembley similar to laminatewhere it is laid over existing floor

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    i would like real wood.

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    any ideas? the cheapest i have found is homebase :£25 at metre.

    howdens and jewsons

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    thanks all.

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    thanks pluves but at 16 pounds a metre is too expensive for me. anything cheaper?

    nobody knows what you are looking for the last post gave you some good prices. Remember flooring has to be machined its not laminate that can be pressed. the only thing that is left is soft wood and that will be £8-£10 a sq mtr

    hi, hubby been fitting solid wood floors for 19 years and could give you good advice where to buy from, but their is so many on the market now you would have to give him an idea what sort you want eg oak etc, and also is youre floor at present capable of taking a solid wood,, as you can then be talking about cradles, gets quite complicated, but if you pm me he will give you the advice and some names of companys which do good deals on the wood, dont want to sound to forward but he has been round the world doing this, including windsor castle here and numerous celebritys, so feel free to ask. hope i am not sounded to big headed but trying to help!

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    thankyou all. have brought my wood flooring.
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