Really Cheap Epson Ink!

    There was a link posted a little while back, kinda an orangey coloured site etc, had printer carts very very cheep - epson ones especially...

    anyone help?!


    Depends on where you are Theres a place in glasgow that does really cheap ink but they dont sell online ] but they do really cheap disks as well .

    If you want to have decent quality prints don't buy the cheapest ink. I bought very cheap ink a few months ago and learnt my lesson. I would recommend you buy ink from websites that have average prices not too cheap but less expensive than original ink. One company i've used before and would recommend is

    Good luck

    Original Poster

    Thanks peeps -Ill give those places a look.

    Its for my old printer - I just use it to print out web pages, stuff to read etc - nothing which requires high quality in the slightest - i leave that to me canon photo printer instead

    oldskool - this might be the one you're looking for. The ink is super-cheap, and they give you discounts off your next order when you return your empties.

    I got 20 (10 black + 10 colour) cartridges for my Canon and it cost me £8.92. I get £1 back for returning my empties, so it works out to be £7.92, or 40p a cartridge.

    Not too shabby!

    Try [url][/url]

    Always buy my Epson cartridges from there. Low price and fast delivery!!!
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