Really cheap holiday website that used to be all over this place


    I'm looking for a really really cheap holiday website that I used to use that was always on here. Getting really good heat aswell. I did bookmark it but my machine died and now i'm looking to book something and I cannot find it for toffee!

    If anyone can find it or remember it i will love them forever. May even take them with me lol





    [url][/url] ?? lol

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    No its not teletext, thankyou tho. It's actually making my brain hurt trying to remember lol It was very very good for all inclusive aswell if i remember. But generally cheap for everything. The fact it's disappeared from being all over this place could mean its folded. But I'm not sure

    some put up lowcoast holidays the other day and ive been looking they do have a few cheap deals might be worth a look

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    Yeah .lowcost is quite good but im sure this other place wouldve been cheaper! oh well if no comes up with it ill hit lowcost

    where you thinking of going

    icelolly ??

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    Nah wasn't icelolly. I'm gonna go all over the place. Generally travel. Also got to meet the lads out in kavos twice aswell one group first 2 weeks of july and one group last week july into the first of week of august

    on the beach?

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    Wasn't onthebeach. Think I better accept defeat. It was so cheap aswell. If only hotuk had a good search lol

    someone's gotta know we all need cheap holidays please

    cheers jb forgot about them:thumbsup:

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    I do like sunshine but it's not that. This place I used to use had stupidly cheap stuff. like under £200 for all inclusive stuff and 5* holidays for peanuts etc. I can't handle not knowing. Even if it's folded now lol

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    YES, I've found it. Not as cheap as it used to be however lol qwerty travel!
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