Really funny Free MP3 ringtones - The Wurzels Cider Drinker + 5 others :)

Posted 7th Aug 2008
PMSL Great laugh retro 'proper ringtones' couldn't resist getting it, hear and download @:…htm
EXCLUSIVE to Wurzel World!
We're proud to offer you a selection of
FREE Ringtones & Txt Alerts so that you can 'Wurzelize' your mobile phone!

To Download, Right Click on the and Save Target As... to your computer. (Please note: These ringtones and txt alerts may not work on all mobile phones so please consult your owners manual on how to transfer the files on to your mobile phone.)

Blackbird Ringtone [mp3]

Cider Drinker Ringtone [mp3]

"Yur Phones Ringin!" Ringtone [mp3]

"Wurz That Txt...?" Txt Alert [mp3]

"Somerset Born & Bred" Txt Alert [mp3]

"Let Cider Rule..." Txt Alert [mp3]
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