Really really really want a picoo z!!

Found 26th Jul 2007
Does anyone know of where to get the best deals on the picoo z? I have looked through the posts and I have seen some mentioning QVC? Ive looked on the site though and I am guessing that it much have been one of those deal of the day things coz its at £18.50 now which is still a pretty good price.

I work at a shop called the entertainer and we got them in, I absolutely love it. Definitely the best Ive seen, extremely durable and I really want one!! Amazon so far seems to be the best for about £19.97 including delivery but it is from a third party seller so I cant use any voucher codes.

New to the site a couple of days ago and I LOVE IT. Will never buy online again without consulting you guys

Looking forward to hearing from .... anyone! I really want a picoo, preferably a pink one lol.

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what is a picoo z?
Sorry, it just seems like everyone has one on here i thought everyone would know lol!

Its a remote control helicopter. its great
A superb mini helicopter. I've got one. They had them at play.com for £17.99 (thanks to andysan) - (they are £24.99 now :-( )

Can't you get a store (five finger) discount...:thumbsup:
lol i do get a store discount but they are a ridiculous £29.95 and i get 20% so it'd only take it to about £24, I could go through amazon to get one for cheaper but id have to wait for it lol
Hi loz2k29,

Toys 'R Us have the Picoo's for £20 in-store, maybe worth the extra few pennies for the security of being able to physically take it back to the store if you have troubles, maybe not (i'm not quite sure if these e-stores ever check whats in our returns, not that ive tried to exploit that).

Just make sure you buy from a respectable seller.

To those who don't know what Picoo Z's are, they are indoor RC helicopters that retail for around £20-£30. They have quite a fanbase on HUKD, me and Foxy are quite keen on them i think.

The only other thing i can suggest is a Syma Fairy, these are £12 delivered from eBay and many are saying are better than Picoos, but eBay is dodgy, i have never used one, and Play are having them in for £18 delivered soon.

Theres a clip of me flying mine on ]YouTube.
red5.co.uk £20 three colour choices
+ P&p
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