Really REALLY want an old vhs BBC series

    It was never released on DVD but I really miss Toms Midnight Garden havent seen it in around 7 years snce I rented it from a library

    Im so desperate im willing to pay silly prices to see it again.

    Anyone have this on VHS(or a DVD rip) they can sell to me?!

    14 Comments…Toms+Midnight+Garden+DVD[/url]

    is this it?

    you buy it on amazon for a quid + shipping or £4.97 dvd...

    Yeh I remember 1 that was on CBBC back in the late 80's or early 90's is that 1 or this is the one?…L85

    I assume you have tried ebay? Post it in the want-it-now section to let people know you are looking for it :thumbsup:

    The 1 I recall from BBC was about a girl who went to stay with family,cos her Mum was in an accident and the story went from there.

    Original Poster

    To the ones that posted links its not that version there was a movie released in 1999 of it, but im talking about the 1988 I think version of it as was better IMO plus reminds me of the shows of the time.

    i think its this one you mean


    not cheap!

    ]Is this it

    1994 VHS tape

    Beaten to it lol

    Original Poster

    Thats the one dear god thats expensive.

    yep very, apparently its now deleted and can go on fleabay for 80 quid sometimes! you would really have to want it to pay that much


    Thats the one dear god thats expensive.

    Buy the one @ Amazon, copy it then resell it on Fleabay


    ]Is this it1994 VHS tapeBeaten to it lol

    yeh thats the 1 I was thinking of but could find that other 1 on Amazon direct themselves,£70 omg.

    thats unbelievable price, keep looking at car boot sales and ebay is your best bet!!
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