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    Have any of you guys ever gone back to a job that you used to work at and also, how difficult was it? I have applied to a lot of retail places for a P/T job but to no joy. A few years back I worked at Sainsburys (4 years) however I left after starting Uni (regret this now). Now that I have a lot of spare time I wanna work again. Also it would be difficult for me to work in my original store as its too far away.

    Would it be best if I just send out CVs and cover letters to the Sainsburys stores that are close to me now, or should I still contact my original store. Kind of like getting my foot back in the door. What would you do?



    Could you not do both.......

    ring personnel up and see how it goes from there, they should have access to yr previous employment record making it easier to start the ball rolling, good luck.

    When you apply for Sainsbury's jobs I think you can click a link for people who used to work there, that will probably give you kudos over other applicants, it's on their online job portal

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    Alright thanks guys, hopefully can get a job for next year.

    Exactly same thing happened to me! I re-applied at my work place (yell 118 thing) but the reason i left was because of the hours (20+) but they still didn have any so i couldn take it then either!

    Good luck anyways! hope you find a job soon!
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