Rear Facing Group 1+ Car Seats

    The time has come to look at getting the next car seat for our son and we are very interested in sticking with a rear facing seat. I know these are not all that popular over here but to us they sound superb and make perfect sense in every respect.

    So the question is, has anyone else got/used a rear facing car seat (for group 1+) and any any advice etc?

    We're planning on going to a few stores next week though will call in advance to ensure they have some as I know the biggest thing with seats is making sure they fit your car perfectly


    I had one to use with my disabled son as he had no head control, although I believe they are the norm in countries like Norway and Sweden.
    Mine was called (funnily enough) the Britax Nordic Freeway, and was purchased from the in car safety centre, in Milton Keynes. Not sure if that exact model is still available, but they have very similar ones.
    Check how adjustable they are, mine was reccommended for up to 4 years, but by 3 his legs were too long for it to be really comfortable for him.

    We have the Britax First Class SI car seat. Rearward facing from birth. It is s good size seat and my little boy seems comfortable in it. Fits great in it rearward facing at 18 months. Would definately recommend it.
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