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Rear wiper blade not working on Citroen Xsarra Picasso

Posted 7th Jan 2014
Hello, I have just bought a second-hand car (Citroen Xsarra Picasso SX, 1.8, 16V, 2001) and the rear windscreen wiper is not working (water pump works on it though). The seller said that he thought the fuse had gone in it. Looked at the fuses under the dashboard and there are loads in there, all numbered differently. So I called a Citroen dealer to ask what fuse number/colour it would be to replace it and he told me the windscreen wiper does not work on a fuse. I said that perhaps it was the windscreen wiper motor that needed replacing (googled this), however, he told me that the rear windscreen wiper motor does not have a motor controlling it - instead, he said that it all worked off of a BSI unit and I would have to take the car in for a diagnostic check. Not too sure if he was just trying to make money out of me, as can't believe a fuse does not work the windscreen wiper (was going to try a replacement fuse first, and then if not working, see my garage about a replacement wiper motor). Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.
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I just found this on a Citroen Picasso forum and thought it might help you.
They are referring to the fuse box located under the right hand side of the dashboard....
The fuse relating to the rear windscreen wiper is 15A which is BLUE,
if you look at the second row from right at the bottom you have a blue 15 A at the bottom and 2 just above that. the fuse box is numbered on the plastic between the fuses. It is tiny I think fuse 11 is the bottom one, you could just pull out the 15a fuses and check them one at a time. I dont think any of them are going to cause problems if removed and replaced, as the radio is coded to the BSI and needs no code entry.
I used to have a Picasso and bought a bag containing 10 different size fuses for about £1 from my local car spares shop and had to replace a couple, can't remember why though.
The forum also goes on to say if all else fails check the rear wiper motor, so not sure if your local dealer fully understands the way the rear wiper works.
hi motor is around £170 for your car at eurocarparts but check ebay or 24hourspares for used motor,as previous person said check fuses and remove interior rear cover check if contacts are rusty you might have had water seepage in the wiring
common issue on rear wipers is failure of the wiring where it gets bent when the door opens and closes.
Thank you, will check the fuses first. However, got another problem now - wanted to go through a car wash and couldn't unscrew the car aerial, contacted the seller and he said that he might have done it up a bit tight last time he went through a car wash. Just got my son to try to unscrew it and the aerial mast bit that screws in has snapped off (rusted inside). We now have a piece of the snapped off aerial stuck in the black base bit fixed to the top of the car (the bit that the aerial mast screws in to - any ideas as to how to remove the piece that is stuck inside - my son says that the black base bit is a bit loose now as well - is it something we can fix or will I have to take it to my local garage - I can buy a new replacement mast with two screw adaptors off of ebay, but the problem is how to remove the broken piece still stuck inside the base. Any ideas most welcome.

common issue on rear wipers is failure of the wiring where it gets bent … common issue on rear wipers is failure of the wiring where it gets bent when the door opens and closes.

I have seen a few of them where the wiring loom gets pinched in the boot hinge area, nightmare to find the damaged wire, something an auto electrician could do though with a bit of time and experience, but, rear wiper is not an MOT failure, so you could leave it and treat the rear window with some rain X so the water just beads off.

With regards to the aerial, to tighten up the aerial base, the headlining will have to be removed where the base is located, which is not very easy, so I would be careful with this at the moment in case more damage is caused and a possible leak forms, if you know someone with a small dremel power tool, a groove could be worked into the aerial bit that is stuck, and you can use a flat head screwdriver with a bit of oil to loosen off that screw, or, if you have a turbo lighter or similar, a bit of heat could help work it loose, either way, I think you need a trip to the mechanics!

Not what you want to hear after buying a new car, but you always get these niggles when buying used, some people are happy with things not working 100%, others need it working perfectly (like me)
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If the rear windscreen motor is the problem, any suggestions on how to get the old one out would be greatfully received
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