Rear Wiper blade - Zafira

    My sisters rear wiper are has become really loose and started washing the boot better than the window - feels like some drunk or kid has been messing about with it - anyone now if its just a case of replacing the arm or if it would need a new motor too - the motor is moving the arm, its just the area covered is wrong and it can be moved a lot manually.

    Cheers for any info!


    Nut that bolts the arm on has prob became loose.
    Usually under a plastic cover at the swivel point on the arm, adjustable spanner job.
    5 mins to line up :thumbsup:

    Sounds like its slipped on the mount

    Lift the cover where it is attached to the boot
    Undo the nut and reposition the arm to its starting position
    Then retighten the nut

    she been through a monkey enclosure anytime recently??? :P
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