Recall on Asthma inhalers - Ventolin Accuhalers​ / Seretide Accuhaler​s

Found 22nd Feb 2018
Two inhalers have been recalled due to a fault with the way they deliver their medications. There are around 4,500 Ventolin Accuhalers and aprox 1,400 Seretide Accuhalers that are affected by this recall.

Apparently a tear in the foil strip on the inhalers, could cause a problem with getting the full dose. It is important to point out that the medicine itself is fine to use, but you will want to check that you don't have a faulty device.

Which ones are affected?

It's not ALL of them, there are specific batches that have been identified as faulty. You'll find the info you need on the back of the inhaler itself, if you have one then you'd want to be getting a replacement as soon as possible, just in case.

Below are the current recalled units:

Ventolin Accuhaler Inhaler 200MCG –1X60D, Lot: 754P, Expiry date: 11/05/2019
Ventolin Accuhaler Inhaler 200MCG –1X60D, Lot: 786G, Expiry date: 12/05/2019
Seretide Accuhaler Inhaler 50/250MCG –1X60D, Lot: 5K8W, Expiry date: 28/04/2019

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never seen inhalers which look like those, thanks for sharing.
My son has the blue one. Thanks for sharing
Luckily none of these are my inhalers!! But this is a very improtant post, so really excellent that you have shared Thank you
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