RECALL - Thermate Thermos Flask - possibly containing Asbestos!

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Found 18th Oct 2016
Okay, so it looks like Asbestos has been identified in the Thermos Thermate 1.3 litre stainless steel vacuum flask. Which doesn't comply with regulations at all (Which is no surprise)

Obviously you'll want to stop using it altogether and contact the retailer that you bought it from. If you have issues getting a refund or replacement from the store, you should try contacting the manufacturers to get further advice.

The Recall Database suggest contacting Citizens Advice, but hopefully it should be straight forward. - Info source Here

Affected Batches: 74611 & 83138
Barcode: 5050577570241


you couldn't make it up ....

how is this even possible, asbestos was banned in 1999

Jeez! We only ever buy Thermos flasks! I must have about 5-6 of them in various sizes. How can you trust any of them, even if they are not the above model?

Never mind,they can use them to line the new Hinkley Point nuclear power station


how is this even possible, asbestos was banned in 1999

As far as I know it is still not banned in China or Russia and Canada was still exporting theirs to China until just a few years ago.

It is cheap and would be a very useful material if it wasn't deadly, so it is bound to crop up in Chinese exports where chinese companies think it should go undetected. Austrailia have even found its presence in imported kids crayons for example:-…ds/

Asbestos is still used massively worldwide (2 million tonnes used in 2014)
Stuff like this sneaks through the borders, it's perhaps more concerning what it's in that we don't know about.....
(Asbestos is what I do:))
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