Reccomendations for a hotel in Paris

    We are going to Paris for a "babymoon" before our new arrival comes in January.

    Can anyone reccomend a nice 4* hotel that has decent bar or bars closeby so we've got something to do in the evening without too much walking about?

    If it had a pool too that would be great to take the weight off the baby bump!

    Rep will be added for all who can help


    I have a friend who lives in Paris, very close to the Seine, we can walk from his apartment to the river within 5 mins... I'll speak to him later and ask his advice re hotels there for you xxxx

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    thanks ! that would great

    Have you tried

    you can play around with different options like star ratings, pool, breakfast etc.
    I had a quick look and 4* Hotels in the centre of Paris with a pool will set you back anything from £170 to £300 for a double room for a night. Have a great time

    I didn't think you were supposed to drink whilst pregnant?


    I didn't think you were supposed to drink whilst pregnant?

    just cos they want to go to a bar doesnt mean theywant to drink alcohol

    cant offer any reccommendations but just wanted to say the idea of a Babymoon is sooooooo cool
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