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Posted 28th Dec 2019
Hi all, I am looking to book flights in April '20 (yes - I know over Easter but attending I am attending Coachella festival there) ... has anyone flown with Delta Airlines before? They seem to be the best price but have mixed reviews, I previously flew to America with Virgin so wondering how different the service etc is if the price is significantly cheaper?
Thanks in advance!
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not used Delta but friends have and have had no issues - I def wouldnt use BA if thats an option, I wouldnt even trust them for an internal flight these days never mind long haul
Delta is fine and probably the best of the US carriers (a not too difficult task). Avoid American though. If the price is right, consider Air New Zealand as well. They have a non stop on this route and I found the service excellent; too bad they are ending this service next October.
We used Delta(well booked with KLM but they share planes) and they were fine.

Friendly staff, clean planes, nice food and the on flight entertainment was more than suffice for the time you spend on the plane.

Virgin were more forthcoming with the snacks and drinks but there was no issue with Delta if you asked for a drink.
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