Receda Cube found

I played perplexcity for a little while then basically forgot about it. However On the 8th I was rang up by a cousin who told me a guy (Andy Darley) had just found the cube and so had won £100,000.

If any of you remember the 8th it was freezing and snowing in most areas, so man was this guy dedicated. Though as my dad said when I asked what kind of person goes digging in a wood on a day like today. 'Someone who thinks he's gonna find something worth £100k'

Anyway did any of you lot play Perplex City? I'm considering wether I will buy cards for the next hunt that is reported to start in a few weeks. I've got to say though, I hope we get reports on how he actually figured out where the cube was, because at the point I stopped playing there was no chance of figuring it out.

I think I may go look to see if there are online solutions to some of my more annoying cards though.

Lastly wonder how much this guy spent playing and if it was you how would you be celebrating your 100k?

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