Receding gums!

    Does anyone else have receding gums? I was told that I had worn away part of one of the gum around my tooth (at top). However, I have noticed today that the bottom teeth seem quite receeded (the gums). This is worrying me!! I am 26 and I have receded gums. I dont smoke, so not that causing it. I have a new toothbrush with softer bristles (sensitve oral b one) and dentist said that I was wearing away my gums before because I was using an electric toothbrush and brushing like it was a normal toothbrush as well which was too much force. Now I am extremely worried about my gums

    Any advice greatfully received


    Did the dentist say....

    Your teeth are alright but the gums'll have to come out!!

    I have also been told in the past not to brush my gums too hard

    Dentist told my husband this and advised using a sonic toothbrush

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    My gums seem to be receding a bit too... dentist told me not to worry. My mum said it was age hence the saying long in the tooth...WTF I'm still young!!!!

    Yeah - once they have receaded, that will not go back, you will just have to prevent anymore damage

    Usually your brushing to hard upwards, or downwards in the case of bottom teeth. Brush a little lighter in small circles and should stop.

    Sonic Toothbrushes are amazing and work great, always protecting your gums. But expensive. Hope I helped.


    Dentist told my husband this and advised using a sonic toothbrush

    How would this help? :thinking: :w00t:

    Original Poster

    lol syzable. I cant believe my gums are receding when I am 26! Im happy with my new sensitive oral b toothbrush, although worried still aplying too much pressure.
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