receieved free t mobile sims

    I have registered the sims, How long does it take to get the £5 credit and 1000 free texts?


    I would imagine you'd have to top up yourself.
    Normally, if there's a claim of free credit, you'd have to top up a certain amount first and then they'd give you a free amount. They're nice like that.

    I don't know of any network sims that just give you credit. Try reading the T&C's?

    I think you get them after you top up by £10. As above, they won't just give them to you for free...

    Ooo, well look at that. Groovy, I hope it works out for you!


    We'll add the credit to your account within 28 days of your first login to My T-Mobile. Once we've applied the credit to your account you have 30 days to use it. We'll send you a text to let you know it's been applied to your account, and another text to let you know when you have used it up, or when 30 days have gone by, whichever is sooner.
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