Receive a call in EU for 5c (~5p inc VAT)/min. Slashes to tariffs on making calls, texts and data too. All networks

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Found 26th Jun 2014
OK, so it's not strictly a deal per se.
I'm posting this just as information for the nation - the more people that know this, the better.

EU wide legislation forcing mobile operators to curb their rip-off roaming charges enters its final phase next week.

Smartphones are pretty essential these days but unless you want to be hanging out of a caff or hotel room all week long, you're probably going to struggle to get much use out of it on the continent.
Now finally you can at least answer your phone without arranging a second mortgage.

New maximum prices as of 1st July 2014 (in cents, ex VAT - exchange rate ~€1.20 to £1).

Making a call - 19c
Receiving a call - 5c (this makes it so affordable to keep in touch with essential stuff back home)
Sending a text - 6c
1mb of data - 20c (not cheap by any means, but far better than the £6/mb they dared once charge - and still probably do for RoW travellers)

These price caps will automatically be applied to all customers of all EU based networks (except perhaps those that voted UKIP apparently).

It's pretty safe to assume that most networks will charge the maximum, but there are some cheap dinks like 3's feel at home, O2's tugo, vodafone's eurotraveller, and of course free wifi in lots of touristy places and whatsapp, viber, Skype, iMessage, facetime and so on to use when you have free internet.

As a great added bonus too, recently google maps changed the way it caches offline maps so now you can load a map of your day's adventures in your hotel room, close your app, then open it when you arrive and it will be saved on there for offline navigation - and the GPS works fine without any cellular or wifi connections.

Any helpful advice/comments/knowledge please share below.…es/

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I had an email from virgin. on my tariff European roaming incoming calls is actually no charge!

Virgin info above_ pls post proof as I have not had this.

Checked this- receiving calls- free, making calls 18p per min.on Virgin in EU.

Thank-you for the heads up - a timely reminder for ppl off on holidays! It's not quite the 'final' phase of EU legislation on this subject as in April, MEP's passed legislation that will end roaming charges for using a mobile phone while abroad by December 2015. This means that the cost of making a call or downloading internet data in another EU country will be the same price as at home. Good news indeed, until the mobile companies find a way to recoup their lost profits !! Let's enjoy while we can


I had an email from virgin. on my tariff European roaming incoming calls … I had an email from virgin. on my tariff European roaming incoming calls is actually no charge!

hubby got virgin medias VIP sim & we got a letter last week to say he can receive calls from UK free in Europe which was great news as hes in Barcelona this week! !!!

I'm not a UKIP fan but this is why we joined the EU, free trade not a European Nation.

But what does it cost to call a foreign number whilst you are are abroad?

So sure its low charges to call and receive UK numbers but whats the charges to call local numbers of the country you are in?

Be warned that Virgin Mobile blocksWhatsapp, iMessage and so on while data roaming abroad. So choose your mobile provider carefully.

More info here:…222

Original Poster

thanks for contributing info to this page guys. some useful additions.

disappointed that this was relegated to the lesser-spotted mobile section of the misc board.
to me, it's a deal of the same ilk as three at home. would've reached a lot more people and informed them of the changes if kept as a deal, shame it wasn't.
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