Received an offer from my insurance for my car which was a total loss, can I ask for more

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Found 19th Oct 2009
Just received my offer from my car insurance which I feel is not enough can I ask for more, which is the best way to go about it.


you can negotiate if you want to, you don't have to accept their first offer


yes - its an offer and you would be mad to accept the first one made.

find out from local dealers/autotrader what a car like yours sells for these days and start from there. you wont get as much as that but you should be aiming to get as close to it as possible

yep,gather some evidence for your case....use a few cars as close as possible to yours(similar spec,condition etc) that are currently for sale.

I would agree with the comments above.

Basically try and buy the same spec of car as the one you had and use this evidence to get a better price. It's a bit cheeky of them if you ask me...:oops:

Yeah always fight for more, i was offered £700, they put it up to £1000 when i showed a replacement car would cost me about that. I was happy because i only paid £800 in the first place!

Ins. Co.'s usually offer 75% of what they're prepared tp pay upto, so bear this in mind when negotiating with them.

get prices online, in local papers or mags etc to bolster your case

i did that with a m/cycle i had stolen and ended up getting £3k instead of £2.6k

They will offer TRADE price not RETAIL, my ins company tried this :x in the end we couldn't agree, I told them to buy me a car of similar age / mileage or i'd request the ombudsmans decision

It cost them ANOTHER 2 grand buying direct from a garage :w00t: . They are theiving gets :x

I usually use what car to value mine. try it and if the price better suits you you can use it against them.


The offer they have made will be based on an estimate by a professional engineer and should be enough to replace your car in its pre-accident condion, same spec, same year and mileage - if purchased from a private seller.

If it isn't enough send them cuttings from local paper, print-outs off the internet from Auto-Trader, etc. OR if you get the chance to speak to the engineers (often they call you these days) they are often very reasonable and will negociate.


they offered me £700 and there are none similar until you get to £1000 on … they offered me £700 and there are none similar until you get to £1000 on auto trader plus on the website as mentioned above says the trade price is £980, Dealer £1,630Private £1,280Part exchange £1,080Trade £980Cost new £9,400

I would ring / write to them saying with regard to your offer you have tried to replace your current car for the amout they have offered and are finding it impossible, ask them to either up the offer or to find one themselves within the budget and then mention the web site i mentioned and the valuations on the site and i cant see how they can turn you down.

good luck, let us know how you get on.


When they offered £700, did that take into account your Excess and if so how much is that?

Isn't there a publication / website that insurers use to get the current value of cars, I am sure I have heard of it mentioned on here or MSE forums.

Insurance companies are thieves. I'm still waiting for the £400 excess they owe me as a third party hit me and wrote off my car. On the plus side the price I got for my car, including the excess is only £300 less than I paid for it over 18 months ago!
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