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    still cant find my recent activity, so there fore can not find anything that i responded to yesterday, this site is just so messed, who's the clever ass then


    hang in there- im sure it will be sorted

    complain about serious issues like the flippin smilies

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    also my rep is getting less and less, ive got stuff im meant to be following, which i have never seen before and when you click them the page dissapears, what the hell is that all about.

    do you get the message at the top? 'soandso' likes your comment lol

    i got two orange balls like everyone else oO

    ooh no theyve gone

    and i havent posted 82 deals lol


    i havent posted 101 deals lol. Also this new website is just pure toilet. It looks like its been done by a school child. Everything is squashed up and just unproffesional. I hate it as well as about 2000 other people.

    you got 1 ball now lol

    which is not fair i stil not got any!!!!

    i think you should comment in feedback there is a thead so they can iron the problems out..

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    anyone noticed when they go to a deal and click hot or cold it dosnt give the correct amount if any
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