Found 4th Oct 2010
I posted Doom / DOA: Dead Or Alive (2005) (2 Discs) Dvd - £2.99 @ Play . But it don't show in my Recent Activity for some reason, the deal is still active and still there, bit strange.

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click your profile and look there-for some reason a thread you start often doesnt appear in recent activity

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All the other ones have done, but this thread awell don't show aswell now.
Edited by: "philmitchell" 4th Oct 2010

Quite a few threads don't show for me, but at least the 'like' function works........
Edited by: "sancho1983" 4th Oct 2010

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They show up now.


recent activity is cack

misses out half of my recent posts - seems totally random
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