Recent Body Piercing? You NEED to Read this! Public Health England issue Urgent Warning over Outbreak of Serious Infections Linked to a Piercing Aftercare Spray

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    Have you or your kids had your ears pierced (or any other body parts) recently & are using an aftercare spray? If you have & are, you NEED to check the bottle to make sure it's not the one Public Health England have issued an URGENT warning about.
    It seems that there has been an outbreak of a Serious Infection Pseudomonas aeruginosa across England which has been linked to the use of a 100ml bottled aftercare saline spray manufactured by Lion Care Products Ltd.
    However, there is NO consistent brand or label being used on the product, in some cases it has labels using only black and white lettering, some may have the manufacturer’s trading name Body Art Supplies or Lion Care BUT some studios may just have their own studio name or brand on the label / bottle.
    If you have one of these or are unsure people should stop using the spray immediately and return it to their local studio & if you are worried about any symptoms of infection, you should seek medical advice urgently
    The product has been sold across England & to a lesser extent in Scotland,
    investigations are on-going to confirm the link and PHE continue to monitor for further cases.

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    I always used Savlon spray, never had an issue with my piercings. This is pretty dangerous stuff, hope it gets sorted with no-one affected.

    Yep I know, I'm on penicillin now, my life sucks.

    Mine says with tea tree oil tho so it might not be the same one, if it is I'd expect both ears to be infected but its just the left one, the doctor said the piercing needs to come out, yeah right I can't even see the back of it my ears so swollen, if its not gone down in a few days I'll have to go hospital so they can make a mess of trying to extract it.
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