recent experiences of mobile phones direct?

    I just called up EE to enquire about price to upgrade to IPhone 7 on £40.99 tariff with 10GB data. The offered at £210 upfront cost. I quoted MPD price of £128.99 only to be told that the phones through them are refurbished. I duly requested my PAC but contacted MPD to check. They confirmed phones are new. The guy on phone offered upgrade to me for £122 even though on website is £164.99. I left my details for guy to call me tomorrow.

    I just wanted to check is it common for resellers to offer different prices to what's listed on website and can the company be trusted. I mean when he calls tomorrow how can I be sure he's legit before giving my card details over phone. Also does the 14 day cooling off period apply when doing an upgrade over the phone.



    Sales teams will always have extra leeway vs a website, it's what they're there for.

    With regards to mobilephonesdirect, I ordered my phone from them. Their credit checks took time (blame Vodafone) but everything else was fine.

    I've not used MPD but are worth a look, cheaper than going direct through EE I found.

    Yep used mpd and mobiles, always a perfect experience.
    I use the price comparison sites as a starting point and they usually always link to those to companies for best price.


    ive ordered multiple times from mobile phones direct they have delivered every time and at a great price

    I got a phone from them last October, everything went smoothly as described, brand new phone no problems at all.

    I have used smart phone company which is another mobile phones direct brand and had no problems. That was for a blackberry priv on Vodafone with 5 x £48 cash back. The last cash back payment was confirmed (but not yet actually paid) on New Year's Eve.

    I would say go for it. You can always check the phone serial number with apple once you get it and return under the 24 day cooling off period in the unlikely event it isn't brand new.

    try chitter chatter
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