Found 28th Aug 2010
I currently have terrible reception in my basement flat on 3 right now. I'm using an unlocked iPhone 3G, have also tried an unlocked SE W880i (both are 3G phones).

I called to cancel and customer service insists that if they give me a phone "made for 3" that my reception will be much better. From my experience in the past, phones are all made pretty equal no matter for what network.

What do you guys think? Is this BS?

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probably reception issues due to you being in a basement flat, how is reception when you are outside at street level?

I would very much doubt a 3 mobile phone would be any different to be honest. Certain mobiles are better with a signal than others of coarse but a bad signal will still be a bad signal.

Tell them were to stick it..!!!

can't see why this would make the reception better...

I have recently got a sure signal box from Vodafone, and it is amazing. This box boosts your 3g signal, by using your broadband connection, works even if you are in a black spot.

I have a full 3g signal over the whole house now. it was very patchy before.

Vodafone sure signal (Details)

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Works perfect on street level, they said 3 mobiles were "designed for 3" so will have better reception than my iPhone...

That Vodafone i think is the equivalent of UMA on the blackberry, unfortunately I don't have broadband at home and want to rely on my phone for mobile broadband since I only use

we had this prob for ages and hassled the '3' lot no end askig them to sort out signal strengths and wotnot. in the end, they continue to refund a few pounds a month back into the account to compensate

Ive had this problem with 3 aswell best thing to do is select the network manually on the phone and choose the other 3 network ( the one that has not been selected) this will improve the quality.
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