Recertified WD drive arrived - which tests for thorough check?

Found 3rd Jun
Hi all, recently bought a recertified 4GB USB full size hard drive from Western Digital.

Now I have the drive I would like to ideally give it a thorough check to make sure none of it is damaged before I 'accept' it so to speak.

What would be the sensible sequence of checks and test I would need to carry out and tools involved?

I will be using it as a backup for all my photos and video taken in years gone by and new ones I download from phone/camera going forward.

As an aside, I have a new 4GB WD Red Pro (which I will also test with your suggestions). So whenever I copy/backup anything to the recertified WD USB drive, I plan to also copy from that to the new 4GB Red Pro drive. That way I can be more confident when deleting the originals from laptop computer, having the files in two places should one fail.
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You won't get many videos with 4GB.
You won't get many videos with 4GB.
Yeah I think you mean 4TB. I would probably just check the smart report on it but anything recertified should be up to new standard anyway. Only ones to stay away from are seller refurbished.
Try crystaldisk
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