Rechargable Battery

    Best rechargables for the wii remotes please, i have a charger and usually buy uniross, do they need to be a certain mah? or whatever its called


    They just need to be AA batteries. Any maH will do but the higher the maH, the longer the batteries will last for in the Wii remote. The batteries may need to be a certain type due to your charger as some chargers will only charge Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd types.

    I've bought loads of batteries from ]HERE and they are excellent.. I bought from them years ago from ebay but I always go through their web site now. I have never experienced any problems with the batteries only that they seem to disapear..

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    Thanks russ :thumbsup:

    Edna just checked in me draw and i actually have some of those ones from there, would you go for the new green ones or the normal orange ones

    I've only used the orange ones sass... They're as good as anything else I've used..

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    ok, thanks hun x
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