Rechargable battery help please

    My daughter is having a Sony Personal CD player and a Leapster 2 console for Christmas - both take AA or AAA batteries that id imagine will get drained very quickly.

    Id like to get some rechargable batteries for these but there are so many different types about. Different strengths, makes and precharged etc.. and i really dont know which ones would be best.

    Can anyone with experience please advice (rep will be given)


    just regular high capacity Ni-Mh batteries will be fine, for AA that's 2500 - 2800mAh for AAA 1000 - 1200mAh

    the pre charged ones are what's called low self discharge, the point of them is that if you leave them on a shelf they take a very long time to run down, so if you want to charge them and put them in a drawer or say in a torch or something, they'll still be good when you come to use them 6 months later. regular ones run down quickly even if you don't use them, but the low self discharge ones cost more and have a lower capacity, so oly get them if you think you'll need them. (put the do come at least partially charged so should work on xmas day, if you get normal ones then make sure you have some throw away alkalines for xmas day until the rechargeables are charged

    cheapest way to go IMO
    7dayshop - Sony charger (charge AA or AAA (2 at a time)) £3.99
    amazon (7dayshop seller) Duracell Rechargeable Supreme AA (or AAA same price) 4 pack (2650mAH, quite high rating) £4.68

    try this…240
    charger and 4 eneloop batteries- pre charged, the best you can get
    £8.49 delivered

    Original Poster

    Thanks - Rep Given.

    I already have a couple of battery chargers - Uniross ones i think they are.
    Do chargers vary as well then?
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