Posted 19th Nov 2022
HI Looking to get a LED Flashlight/Torch for my son. But theres so much choice not sure where to start.

Can anyone recommend or even guide me in the right direction with what I should be looking for spec wise
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    Without any idea of what sort of thing you're after it's hard to suggest anything. We don't even know if you're looking for something for a child or adult son.

    Generally the things to consider on a portable lightsource are

    1. Brightness. How bright does it need to be? As Andy says a lot of claims are either when the torch is cold (i.e. the first few seconds of operation) or on more dubious places like amazon they can be totally fictional. And if it's for a child you probably don't want too bright.

    2. Beam angle. Are you going to be using it to light up a room, or look into the distance? Brightness is typically given as total light output (lumens) so at the same brightness the narrower the beam the further you can see.

    3. Battery life. Is this being taken on week long camping trips, for a couple of hours walking the dog or just use around the house?

    4. Portability. How small and light does it need to be?

    5. Durability. Cheap plastic will suffice for occasional use, but if this is going to get used in a way where it's bashed about regularly then you'll probably want to spend a bit more for better build quality.

    I wouldn't personally be keen on random brand chinese electronics off amazon as they tend to be a bit of a lottery in terms of quality. It's hard to tell in advance whether they're acceptable or really nasty. if you're after something cheap then the sort of torches sold at a supermarket or DIY shop are often at least as good these days.

    That's not to say don't go Chinese, the higher end Chinese torch market is actually pretty good with brands like Convoy having built a solid reputation. If you wanted something bright and well build then £40-50 on something like a Convoy M3-C would be a good choice. (edited)
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    Start the ball rolling with:
    £6.99 FBA beam zoom USB rechargeable additional integrated COB strip (flood-like rather than the directional beam of main output) claimed 150 lumen micro 3.5" - 4" no breaker head…Z6/
    £8 FBA beam zoom USB rechargeable inc 3 spare rechargeable batteries (v handy to carry spare[s] rather than wait to recharge a fixed internal battery), mid-size 4.8" - 5.3" breaker head no specific lumen claims but one reviewer complains too bright (!?!)…BT/

    Unless paying premium price for high-end items you can often expect lumen / brightness performance claims to be very colourful (sic).
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    Thanks Andy this is brilliant honestly didn’t know where to start so much appreciated
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