Rechargeable AA Advice


    Im hoping someone can help point me in the right direction of some recommend AA rechargeable, The will be used for my Drone which uses 4 x AA.
    Currently using Eneloop 200mah that i had lying around which work ok but the drone remote has a display as its a FPV (First Person View) drone.

    Im guessing I need to be looking at 2900?

    I have two decent chargers the BC700 mainly used for AA and AAA
    And a Nitecore D4 that I use mainly for 18650 cells

    Many thanks


    I think you can get xx eneloop 750ma off amazon.

    Oops misread I thought you needed AAA.

    GP Recyko are good, I've got 8 of them and they hold their charge for long time when not used. They also last a good while. I think they are 2500mah.

    Duracell above 2000mah are also pretty good, if you want to compromise on price then look at Amazon basics.

    I used to use Uniross batteries but didn't think much of their staying power.
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