Rechargeable AA batteries

It looks like the batteries on my wireless mouse and keyboard are on their last legs, but I want to replace them with rechargeable batteries. What's a cheap place to buy decent ones? I have no clue.


Try here m8 7dayshop.com
Cheap prices and reliable company.
I've used them quite a few times.

I got 8 on ebay for about £4 delivered which i think was good. (AA's)

I got my AAA's free with my recharger, which was £5 from nettos when it first opened here a couple of months ago

I also use the 7dayshop batteries and charger as well in my wireless+ desktop items...

Yes, 7dayshop are really good for rechargeables.

[SIZE=2]the only thing to remember is the ones with the largest mAh last the longest between charges so it is worth paying that bit extra so for £9.79[/SIZE]

I recently bought Kodak charger + 4 batteries off Maplin. I think that £7.99 isn't bad for this set.
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