Rechargeable AA (without charger)

    Can anyone point me towards a decent deal for the above, preferably 2000mah or above. We have chargers but kids Xmas toys are battery hungry!


    Tried maplins, they sometimes do multipacks cheap.
    Poundland do batteries on their own also..


    I bought Duracell batteries from last week from Amazon.…2O/

    try or play/playtrade. You can pick up 4 x 2700mh for under a fiver.

    Best I found last week was Boots own 2200 at about £9 for four but buy 2 get 1 free.

    So I got 12 X 2200 AA for about £18 which I thought was fairly good.

    Batteries seem much more expensive this year and the higher capacity ones seem rarer.

    try [url][/url]

    they do an 8 pack of 2000mA for £2 + p&p

    mapplin do 12x 2100s AA batteries for £9.99


    try [url][/url]they do an 8 pack of 2000mA for £2 + … try [url][/url]they do an 8 pack of 2000mA for £2 + p&p

    postage 2.99
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