Rechargeable Batteries

    Any advice on which type of batteries and charger i should buy?
    Mostly for use with the wii remotes and wii fit board, and also other household electrical items.


    For the Wii remotes buy a charger pack from Amazon.

    I have an Energizer recharger with batteries but Uniross and Duracell and many others are good.
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    You can get a charger pack for the Wii board too, again Amazon sell them or can be picked off eBay cheap,not bought one recently so don't know best place, look at Deal Extreme too.

    ready to go rechargeables from 7day shop, charge stay in them for up to a year when not in use.
    and charger here with batteries
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    And the bunny...…8-1

    This 1 I got aswell as been getting for other people,it keeps going up in price thought but still under a fiver.
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