Rechargeable batteries for digital camera

    I just found out my lovely OH is getting me a fancy shcmancy digital camera for xmas and I'd like to get some rechargable batteries for it, but I am totally clueless.

    The cam says it takes 2 x aa so is that just what I need? Nothing fancy, just basic rechargable aas?

    Here's the camera:…spx

    and here's the rechargable batteries and charger I have picked out:…htm

    ^ Will that do the job? is it cheap pap? is it a good price?

    Mucho love to any one who can help my poor untechnological-when-it-comes-to-cameras-and-batteries brain


    2700 nimh would be a lot better or 2500 at least.

    Better selection here…3_b

    Most digital cameras take double AA batteries but if you use the display or the flash they really eat batteries. If you are going for disposable then get alkaline ones (eg Duracel), if going for rechargeable go for high capacity ones like Rizla has mentioned.....

    2500 mah - the mah stands for milliamp hours and gives an indicator of how much energy a battery can store. The cheaper rechargeable ones tend to be around 1000mah which obviously won't last as long as the 2500mah ones before needing a recharge.....

    The other thing is make sure you get Nickel metal hydride batteries (NmH) rather than Cadmium (Cd). The NmH usually hold greater charge and can be recharged more times than Cd batteries. There are some cheap batteries on

    I had 2500mAh batteries that worked fine for 100's of shots with my Sony Cybershot, but with the Canon A540 I just got they seemed to drain really quickly.

    I've just discovered Sanyo Eneloop batteries and now the problem has been solved! Getting 100's of shots with my Canon too.

    They've actually got a lower mAh rating, but because they hold their charge longer and at a slightly higher voltage, you actually get a lot longer out of them than batteries with much higher mAh rating.

    There's a review of them ]here with a detailed technical spec.

    Original Poster

    Thank you for all your help, I think I might be even more confused than I was before now though - my poor brain lol

    Can any one see a decent set that would do the job, on somewhere that allows for collection...argos, tesco, pc world, currys etc? I am a bit nervous about getting things delivered in time for xmas now.

    If you have a Maplin near you (or you can order them on-line) there are two types of UniRoss charger.

    Either a sprint charger, that charges the batteries in about an hour, but as its a forced charged the batteries will loose the charge quicker.

    Or you can get the normal charger, it'll take about 13hours to trickle charge your batteries but they will hold the charge for longer, it's up to you what you'd prefer.…m12

    The Uniross batteries are very good and the link goes to one with 2700mha batteries, I use the 2300 in my Cannon and usually get at least 100 pictures with them.

    Hope this helps.:)

    Take the camera back and get one with a lithium battery, there the best.....get loads of time with flashing away lol


    Take the camera back and get one with a lithium battery, there the … Take the camera back and get one with a lithium battery, there the best.....get loads of time with flashing away lol

    Starlets "lovely OH" may not appreciate that !!!
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