rechargeable batterys aaa aa c and d - with charger cheapest please ? and single use?

    Am looking for a battery recharger which will take AA and AAA and C and D size batteries

    i probably need about 12 AAA and maybe about 24 AA batteries a set of c and d as well.

    Its for tv remotes, daughters toys

    single use or rechargable pref recharge but if i can get a set of rechargeables and then the rest single use what ever makes it the cheapest.

    charge time no long than 24 hours i have a durecl battery charger that is black and takes the green durecel batteries which was bought from asda, i also have a white battery charger that takes gp2700 batters that was bought form pc world.

    so can you guys point me in any right direction


    you can get AA rechargable in pondland - quid for 4


    you can get AA rechargable in pondland - quid for 4

    and aaa.

    I would get a charger from argos you might get it cheap end of sale

    You can get them at poundland, but the ones aldi sell are actually good enough to run a digital camera! :thumbsup:

    your best bet is ebay i know you can aaa and aa from hong kong and they are really cheap i got them for kids toys
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