Rechargeable or disposable batteries for battery powered LED lights

Posted 30th Dec 2022
Daughter got some of the battery powered micro LED string lights to put in her room. But I'm not sure which batteries are best to use in them. I thought rechargeable might be overkill but on the flip side I don't like throwing batteries away - although I do recycle them when I see a box to do so. Any advice on which are best to use? Thanks.
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    3 AA or AAA batteries?
    You can buy adapters that are batteries and one has USB cable. Use a phone usb power bank with that.
    The batteries are not batteries just a way to get power to light's from power bank

    If not then rechargeable batteries will work. Lower capacity ones vs the higher

    This one uses the mains adapter Vs a power bank if you have plug near.

    Check this out!…4hM (edited)
    I think it was 2x AA. We've got plenty of rechargeable AA but generally what we use in the gaming controllers so are high capacity. I'll have a look thanks.
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    I try and use rechargeables where possible but being the older type all the ones I have have a stated voltage of only 1.2v so can’t be use in all cases. But there are new rechargeables with a nominal voltage of 1.5v so if you’re planning on buying I’d get the newer type and use them.
    Thanks useful to know. Where's the best place to get 1.5v rechargeables and what should I look for?

    It's a few years since I last bought and the advice on here was to get Eneloop ones. Lidl were recommended at the time. Thanks
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    Whatever she can afford from her own money.
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    What's best is up to you to decide - factors such as cost and how long they are going to be powered on will also help to make the decision. Personally I'd go rechargeable, just double the amount of batteries you need so you can have a set charging while usign a set. Same way I would have it set up for the controllers...
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    Lights are still a fairly high drain item so rechargables would definitely be the way to go.
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