Recieve £15 for Signing up to a Market Research Mobile Panel.

Found 17th Jan 2008
Smart M:Panel members voluntarily install our research software on their smartphones via a text link sent to their phone. The software records usage of various mobile phone features - email, web browsing, games, etc. - and securely returns the data to M:Metrics without interfering with the normal use of your phone. Panelists are rewarded for as long as they opt to keep the software installed on their phone.

you get paid 15 pound initially and then £5 for each month u keep the app on your mobile and you can opt out at any you get entered into a monthly draw.

i think it looks pretty legitimate and handy if your looking to make a few extra pound for installing an application you wont notice. ill leave it up to you to make your mind up.
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Moved this to misc as we want some feedback before putting a site like this in Deals-
Has anyone used this scheme or anything similar before?
seems dodgy

Could record allsorts of info without you knowing, phone numbers etc
yea u could be rite but ive read the privacy policy inside out and they say that they do not analyse any of your personal info and will not pass it on to anyone else. it seems more to me that its like filling out a questionaire for companys on your fone usage, for their own purposes on wat to focus their marketing on, without actually having to fill out a questionaire if you know were im coming from lol
theres a lot of info on it here if you want to read up on it and some varying reports.…Co/
thanks mate
ok so after reading that forum on the topic i think i will delete this thread and not sign up for this too many complaints put against the service regarding payments sorry for wasting ur time.
This is fine, its been around for a few years now. It pays up fine in postal orders.

You can also get 5.75 from Cashinco/SMSInn for signing up.
No No No! Absolute **** - read the last pages of the modaco thread, they've completely fallen apart.
I used them about a year ago and initially they were good, but after the first cheque it was a nightmare. Automatic International texts sent by the software, no sign of the six monthly cheque, no comms via email.
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