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Found 22nd Nov 2017
i went on a viist to pakistan once and had a crispy fried snack called Marassah from Dinah. does anyone know how to make this? i have tried looking or it online but cant find anything by that name. would realy appreciate any help thanks
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Think should add a bit more like was it vegetable or meat snack and can't find Dinah only Dina in Pakistan and that's a town. Was it found generally there or just in a certain restaurant that just decided to name it?
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yes apparently it is only sold in Dinah . its a speciality from there. i think its make from rice flour. they look like small nuggets, the ma fried them on the spot. the texture is like biscuits, crispy, brown, cant see any visible vegetable or meat. its more of a street snack. when there everyone was saying "the Marasse in Dinah are amazing" thank you for replying
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