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Found 26th Apr 2008
Just in case there is anyone who doesn't can claim back Credit Card charges AND catalogue (home shopping)charges too. Unlike the Bank charge cases these are NOT on hold at the moment. Use the templates on or Same procedure applies.
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[url][/url] or
is it true you can only go back 6 years?
I think you can go back over 6 years BUT then the procedure is different. Would be worth checking on the websites above for more info.
I think with the CC charges you can only claim over £12 as they do have some sort of deal i believe. Don't know when it came into force though. I could be wrong though but evrytime i get hate for a late payment etc it seems to be £12 with all the companies.

It came in existance in 2006 but isn't legal apprently with most companies paying the difference and in some cases the full amount. It may not be worth the risk though if you have a goood APR on your card and good terms as there is nothing to stop them from stopping the card and cancelling it.Ideal though for Credit cards which you have cancelled.
I claimed ALL my charges from Capital One back.
Wheres the actual catalouge example letters?

Wheres the actual catalouge example letters?

Use the same templates but change the wording to late payment charges. If you search on [url][/url] you should find lots of threads on it.
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