Found 18th Aug 2008
Hiya, does anyone know much about this?
I heard lots of people talking about reclaiming charges so thought i'd jump on the band wagon and have a go on my credit card (i know i shouldn't have gotten over the limit but i was young and foolish!), I have been offered a refund but they say that want to put it back onto my card. As i don't use the card anymore i would prefer the amount in a chq. Does anyone know if i can request this or do i have to accept the refund on the card.
I've tried having a look on the money saving site but it freezes everytime i go on there.
Thanks so much in advance for any help, rep will be left.

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If you close your credit card account they have to pay you by cheque then!!!

It's your money - surely they have to pay you outright if that's what u want!! Sorry I'm not any help but I'd b really surprised if that's the case!!


why not just take it onto your card then spend it and not use it again after that?
I would be careful as most companies won't offer them back at the moment until the case has been through the courts
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