Reclaiming postal cost for a return on

    Hi there, does anyone know how to do the above, I was told it was possible but cant remember the exact procedure.

    Basically, they have refunded me back £1.40 but the postage cost is £3.96. I know its not a lot.

    Hope someone can help



    oops read it wrong

    when i had 2 return 2 broken mirrors, i told them to collect them, which they did & refunded me 5 days later

    i would ring them & talk to the CS

    Original Poster

    its for something that i returned

    i believe before you posted it back .... you're meant to ask for a Returns label that is Postage Paid by them. not sure how it works if you already have posted it. best bet is to contact them via website/email.

    I just called them and they asked me how much the postage was and then refunded it


    I was wondering this too...I ordered this - … I was wondering this too...I ordered this - received this - a tad different lol

    the second one is more ya style :thumbsup:

    email [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] with a scanned copy of your postage receipt and return/account details

    The advice on their website to include the receipt is wrong and frankly scammy, I did this and they told me I should email them as above. Luckily I did not include the original receipt with the parcel the other day or they would have had me for £15

    However, should the return postage for an electronic/gadget exceed this … However, should the return postage for an electronic/gadget exceed this we will refund the postage provided you send us a receipt.

    No where does it say this should not be sent in at the same time (as you would assume) to a separate email address
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