Reclaiming PPI? Companies who offer to do this on your behalf?

    Anyone had any experience from any of these companies that advertise on TV to let them claim on your behalf?

    Lassie at work has been looking on MSE but they seems to be SOOO much you need to do, she wants to let someone do it for her?

    Has anyone used any company, or can anyone recommend someone that charges less than 39% comission to do it for you? She reckons shes entitled to just over £1700, but will be left with £1030 after they take their cut?



    From MSE:-

    Contact the company that sold you the policy asking for a refund. In Mar 2010 the banks and the Financial Ombudsman agreed a questionnaire, covering all details on the sale of a policy, that consumers should use to make their initial complaint.

    If the seller was acting as an appointed representative of the insurance provider, it will probably tell you to contact the provider instead. Use the address of the branch you visited for your first contact; any follow up can be sent to the head office if necessary.

    It's worth checking whether the company you're contacting was regulated by the FSA at the time of your sale. If either the lender or the seller (broker) were it's best to contact them first as you'll be able to go to the FOS for help further down the line if needed.

    If a company isn't registered you don't need to complete the questionnaire, but it will help ensure you provide the full details of your claim and will be needed if you are able to use the Ombudsman later on, so doing it now could save time.

    Fill in and sign a copy of the questionnaire below. You should also enclose copies of any paperwork that backs up your case and send the form by recorded delivery, keeping a copy yourself.

    FOS Questionnaire: Microsoft Word version

    It’s quite simple to fill in, though do take care. To help I've written a guide, which takes you through filling in the form step by step. It's written in Microsoft Word so you can easily cut and paste sections of it and/or print it out and have it next to you as you're filling in the FOS form. If you are still having problems filling it out call the Ombudsman on 08000 234 567 9 (or 0300 123 9 123 from a mobile).
    Free Guide: FOS questionnaire help
    Problems opening the guide?

    The most important thing to understand is that in most cases a company’s first reaction is to reject your complaint yet this doesn’t mean you’ve no case either, it’s just a tactic. This isn’t about rights and wrongs, it's about commerce. It's far cheaper to say no, produce a legalese argument to befuddle you and hope you’ll cower in a corner.

    So expect a reject and don’t be phased by it one jot. To help you remember your rights, we've penned a wee poem to help you remember...

    And it's not just me saying that, even the Financial Ombudsman has formally complained to the regulator that some lenders are "deliberately trying to obstruct the Ombudsman process". They've been rejecting ALL consumers' initial requests to reclaim, even when they know if they get to the ombudsman 90%-100% of cases are adjudicated in the consumer's favour.

    This is done as a way to prevent people who lack the determination to pursue the claims. So you must go into this expecting rejection at this stage, and understand it's just part of the process.
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    The fees sound about right according to a lot of companies who do this PPI thing. They charged me something roundabout that, going to have to look into it, as I didn't realise it would be that much.

    Try Belmont Thornton, they handled my claim.

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    thanks DLM but shes already read through that on MSE, and like I said, its far too much to do when someone else can do it for you lol



    thanks DLM but shes already read through that on MSE, and like I said, … thanks DLM but shes already read through that on MSE, and like I said, its far too much to do when someone else can do it for you lol

    Save money do it yourself


    I'll do it for £100

    It's easy to do yourself however I used a company who asked for 18%. Took about 3 weeks for bank to respond, just waiting for cash to be paid into my account now!!

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    well, im debating about this as well... Ciderbob? Who did you use then matey?
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