Recoding DVD player - Help needed

    Hi there,
    I have a ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONS 19" INCH TV DVD HD READY. I've got it mounted on the wall so can't get the model number but looking on the web i think its a ASTVD3119WS. I would like to recode to multiregion. I have followed the instructions on the videohelp website which is
    Press DVD on the Remote.
    Open Tray.
    Enter 973597 on the numeric keys.
    This displays the region menu select 9 for multi region.

    I followed these instructions but i do not get a region menu i get another type of menu similar to genres is the only way i can describe the page.

    Does anyone know of a code or have experienced this problem? My mum is in America at the moment and would love some new dvd's.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    You really need the model number to be correct. This is probably why it is not working.…rch
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