Recomend an Android tv

Posted 22nd Dec 2019
not bought a TV for a while so I hope somebody that can point me in the right direction
I'm after an Android TV 50 to 55-in
any good recommendations appreciate thanks all
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Have a look at the Philips 7000 series Ambilight. Don't worry too much about android, get a 4k firestick. Way superior to any TV smart system
You're quite limited in the brand/model you can choose from.

Sony & Philips. I have a Sony& it's still pretty nippy 3 years on but I opted for a stand alone Android box for my other Sony TV
Why do you need android TV?

I would not want to limit myself with something that will proberly be missing a feature you want in a years time, I would reccomend buying the cheapest tv with your specs that require, Samsung TV has the Plex app and netflix app which is all I really need, everything I else I fill in with google chromecast, or if there is a specific need you can get a MECOOL android TV box for £50, lot eaiser to replace this then if the TV android side breaks.

If there is a specific reason you want android tv then fairs if just for netflix then don't bother imo
I herd Sony is ok but not snappy enough
Thanks all appreciate your advice
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